Dr. med. Gesche Junge

Practice for vascular diseases

The internistic / phlebological specialist practice of Dr. med. Junge has specialised in diagnostics / treatment / prevention of vascular diseases (arteries / veins / lymphatic vessels). They comprise both arterial perfusion disorders (of the legs such as smoker’s legs, peripheral vascular disease; of the carotids such as plaques = calcifications, stroke risk; of the abdominal vessels such as aortic aneurysm, renal artery stenosis) and venous problems (varicosis = varicose veins, spider veins, venous pain, thrombosis, thrombophlebitides = vein inflammation, inherited thrombotic tendency = thrombophilia) which are of particular interest to Dr. med. Junge as a vein specialist (phlebologist). Problems of the lymphatic vessels and lipoedema (disturbed fat distribution e.g. at the legs) also count among the focus areas of the practice. And also ultrasound examinations of the abdominal organs / thyroid gland.

Diagnostics are performed using advanced non-invasive colour duplex sonography / Doppler sonography.

By means of appointments we try to create the required time frame in order to be able to discuss the examination results and therapy options in detail with the patient after comprehensive diagnosis using ultrasound. Close cooperation with the colleagues at the ATOS Clinic, the general practitioners and the specialists which may take over further treatment, if required, is considered highly important by Dr. Junge in order to achieve optimum patient care. In addition to the regular practice hours, emergency examinations / treatments of patients with acute thrombosis / thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation) / acute arterial perfusion disorders are performed.



  • Examination, diagnostics using Doppler / colour duplex sonography, advising and treatment of patients with varicosis (varicose veins)
  • Consulting with regard to surgery / innovative (e.g. endoluminal) methods / conservative treatment / sclerosing
  • Emergency diagnostics and therapy of acute deep vein thrombosis or arm vein thrombosis as well as thrombophlebitides (superficial vein inflammation)
  • Diagnostics and therapy of patients after deep vein thrombosis in the sense of a post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Advising and lab diagnostics in case of inherited or developed thrombotic tendency (thrombophilia)
  • Close cooperation is maintained with the Practice for Venous Surgery of Dr. Friedl / Dr. Rappold at the ATOS Clinic

Peripheral arteries

  • Diagnostics of peripheral arterial perfusion disorders ("smoker's leg") using  Doppler and colour duplex sonography as well as therapy / consulting of patients with regard to the choice between conservative therapy / intervention (balloon dilatation  or surgery) / infusion therapy
  • Infusion therapies furthering perfusion
  • Creation of risk profiles, advising of patients with cardiovascular risk factors (blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterinemia, smoking)
  • Further diagnostics using magnetic resonance angiography at the radiological practice at the ATOS Clinic

Brain-supplying vessels

  • Representation of the vessels leading to the brain (carotids) using Doppler and colour duplex sonography for prevention, diagnostics of perfusion disorders in the brain / advising the patients with regard to an apoplex (= stroke) risk / plaques  (= calcification)

Abdominal vessels

  • Colour duplex sonography of the abdominal vessels, e.g. suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm / renal artery stenosis

Lymphatic system / lipoedema

  • Diagnostics, advising and therapy in case of lymphatic diseases
  • Diagnostics, advising and therapy in case of lipoedema (abnormal fat distribution at the legs with women)


  • Sonography of the abdomen (abdominal organs, kidneys), the hypogastric region. the thyroid gland, and e.g. the hollow of the knee (e.g. in case of suspected Baker's cyst)


  • Medical studies in Bochum and Heidelberg

Klinischer Werdegang

  • Qualification for internal medicine at the Mannheim Clinics
  • Specialist for internal medicine since 1995
  • Phlebologist since 2002
  • Specialised in sonography of the extracranial brain-supplying vessels since 1998
  • Specialised in sonography of the abdominal and retroperitoneal vessels since 2002
  • Since 1997, working at the ATOS Clinic Heidelberg; since 2003 with her own practice


At the specialist practice, Dr. Junge performs more than 4,500 colour duplex sonographies of the vessels (arteries and veins of the legs / carotids / abdominal vessels) per year using a state-of-the-art colour duplex sonography device.

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